Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Day

What a whirlwind the past few days have been! The snowstorm that came through WED night hit us pretty badly. The snow was on the heavy side, causing powerlines and tree limbs to come down. It was scary to watch the thundersnow, transformers blowing up and branches cracking outside my window. At one point, a large tree branch fell and blocked the road in front of the house. I watched 3 men get out of an SUV, grab onto the branch, and drag it to the side so that cars could pass. We endured 2 nights without power, but managed to get it back today. We are left with 2 large tree limbs to cut up into smaller pieces for disposal. After being in a cold house WED night through this morning, I was thankful to be able to get to the office today and get a hot meal (hooray for monthly staff breakfast today!).

Poor Ginger. The fur coat wasn't cutting it in these conditions. She snuggled with Mom all day/night.

Sorry for the snowy interruption to my crafty program, it'll be back to normal tomorrow! :) I'm going to go enjoy some junk TV now.


Will Write 4 Food said...

Found you on Etsy and following :) I look forward to seeing you around the blogs!


Tiffany Will Write 4 Food

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