Friday, August 12, 2011

Company Picnic

Company picnic: Whew, am I glad that I'm able to work from home on Fridays! It was nice to not have to change out of my pjs to get some emails done.

Today was the company picnic, so after catching up with my boss for a little bit, I zipped over to the grocery store to get cups, drinks, and ice- items I was responsible for. Fortunately, they were having a 2, get 2 free. Score! I figured this situation falls under the Halloween Candy policy where you buy/give what you enjoy yourself, and then when you have leftovers, you win too. So, of course, I bought drinks that I liked. I even bought juice boxes for the kids that were coming. Who doesn't like a juice box, right?

The food at the picnic was fantastic. The people that catered last year were asked to come back this year. Menu: pulled pork, BBQ chicken, veggie wraps, potato salad, coleslaw, salad, and banana pudding. Yum!

For the kiddie activity, one of the guys from the office bought a piñata and filled it with candy. The little kids had fun taking turns and hitting it, but they weren't hitting with the force required to break it open so we ended up dissecting the piñata and letting all the candy drop. The kids made a mad dash for the candy to fill their little buckets. The kid on the right promptly started eating a sucker...isn't she adorable? There was a large bag of the leftover candy for the adults, and of course, we call congregated around it.

After the picnic, I invited my former officemate Jennifer to the new place for her to check it out. I wasn't planning to have a housewarming party with the people from the office, but I did want her see the place because she basically heard about the entire house hunting/buying experience at the office and I wanted to show her the end product in person.

Running: Yesterday's workout was 3 miles @ 9:50 pace, but since I went to see Wicked, I didn't end up running. I, instead, did the workout tonight. 4 laps around the neighborhood came out to 3 miles. I clocked in at 30:25, which translates to a 10:08 min/mile pace. Whew, not bad.

Goal for this weekend's yard sales: find a night stand.


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