Thursday, August 18, 2011

Minneapolis, Day 2

Today was a very long meeting that was mostly about strategic planning. We started out with discussing some work style personality test results. I had taken the test 3 years ago and was identified as someone that just wants to get stuff done. After we talked about which category we were in, we had to line up in a spectrum based on extroverted/introverted, practical/creative, analytical/belief and structured/flexible. In the practical/creative spectrum, I was the last one on the pratical side, all by myself. Same with when we were lining up with the structured/flexible spectrum...I was at the end of the structured side, all by myself. I don't think anyone was totally shocked with that. I like deadlines. I like things to be defined. If you don't like it, work with someone else, I guess.

For dinner, we went to another restaurant in the Mall of America called Crave. I ate a chicken caesar salad for dinner because I had eaten pretty much all day long. But for a cocktail, I had an Angry Dragon, which was very yummy (much better than last night's Dark and Stormy). It had Bacardi Dragon Berry, Soho Lychee, cranberry, citrus zest in it...interesting, huh?

I sat next to my boss's boss at dinner. He turns to me, "Tina, I have a question.'re going to be coming home pretty late tomorrow, right? What are you going to have for dinner? I'm going out of town again on Sunday, so this is going to be tricky, cooking on Saturday. What are you going to do?" I paused for a moment. Well, if he wants an honest answer. "Ice cream." He just stares at me. My boss is across the table, probably laughing on the inside. I repeated myself in case he didn't hear me. He smiled too. Well, that's what I have in the fridge. I don't want to have a filling meal at like 11:30 at night. I don't have any bright ideas. Just unhealthy ones.


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