Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yard Sale Score

I went to two yard sales today (they were still being held despite Hurricane Irene approaching) and scored at one. I got these containers, 5 for $1, yay! At first, I wasn't going to get them, but then I thought they'd be the perfect size to store crafty things. For example, right now, my polymer clay is stored in a nice Pyrex glass container that should really be used for left overs. I only put them in there because I didn't have anything else. Now the clay has been moved to one of the white containers and the Pyrex is washing in the dishwasher. I could also store embossing powder in them- just pour the whole bottle into the container with a spoon for easy clean up (or no clean up at all). The search for the nightstand continues. We'll see what tomorrow brings, weather permitting.


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