Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Ribbon Storage

Yard sale finds: Unfortunately, I didn't find a night stand for my bedroom, BUT I did find a bunch of goodies during today's yard sale adventures: 3 DVDs @ $1 each, felt sheets for 5 cents each (I got 20 sheets. This will really come in handy when it's time to die cut felt flowers), and a bag of clothespins for $2. I've been looking for these clothespins so that I could reorganize my ribbon. I'm so glad that I was patient and didn't buy them on Ebay or something. My ribbon has been on their original cardboard spools, but they take up so much space. Through Jennifer McGuire's blog, I found a great solution with ribbon storage- just twirl the ribbon around the clothespins and secure with a small pin. I've consolidated 1 drawer tray and 1 box of ribbon to just the 1 drawer tray. Whoo hoo!
Movie: The original plan for Saturday night was to go with Meg and my friends from graduate school to a Orioles baseball game, but because of the weather and chance for more rainy weather, Meg and I decided to not go to the game. Plan B was to go get dinner and see a movie (that way, it didn't matter if it was raining or not). The movie we went to see was The Help, which was really good (so good that I cried at the end). I hope to find the book before I go to Minneapolis next week so that I could read it while in transit.


June K. said...

You really are good at finding good deals at these yard sales. My gosh! Good going.

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