Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Office Mooching

Hello, committee meeting season. How I've missed you and your leftover food!

The first one of the season is taking place this week and while it's not my committee meeting (mine's actually going to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in a few weeks), I can still enjoy the leftover food. My "second breakfast" was eggs, turkey sausage, potatoes and a yummy biscuit. I wasn't planning to get the biscuit, but I'm glad that I did because that was my favorite part of the meal. I stopped by to say hello to the receptionist. She looks at my open plate of food. "Are you taking that across the street?" (Um, yes. Uh oh. Am I in trouble? The email to all staff went out. It's up for grabs!) "Tina, it's going to be exposed to the elements outside. Get something to cover it before you go back to the other building." Oh, that's what she wanted to tell me. Ok, makes sense. Good thing people are looking out for me, even if it's little things like keeping my food safe.

I was on a conference call when the lunch leftovers email went out. There weren't a ton of leftovers in the kitchen since an hour had just gone by, but I did snag enough pasta with mushrooms to constitute a filling lunch.

The mooching continued when I went to my parents' house for dinner tonight. They couldn't possibly eat all that steak on their own, right? Even with my sister and cousin there too, they'd still need some help. Fortunately, I live very close by!

Is it still mooching if it's your family?


Stamper for fun said...

Too funny, Tina. Sounds like you did not have to use your hard earned money on ANY food yesterday. Love hearing your funny stories.

**June K.**

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