Wednesday, August 31, 2011

RJ Goes to the Vet

RJ: Welcome to pet ownership. Sigh. I took RJ to the vet today for his mandatory post-animal shelter visit, and he came home with an e-collar to make sure that he didn't lick his surgical site from his neutering procedure and some antibiotics to help him get over his cold. The sneezing has gotten so bad that some of the cat bogies are a little bloody. WTH?! I feel so bad for the poor guy. He's probably thinking "Maybe I should go back to the animal shelter. This is really no fun." It'll be better once you get better, I promise. I even bought home treats for him on the way home from work because I was feeling guilty. While the vet appointment was no fun for RJ, the vet was super nice. I wouldn't mind having her as my doctor, but then again I'm not a cat.

Etsy: I worked on folding some origami dresses for an Etsy custom invitation order. I'm waiting for some nice cardstock that I ordered to come in the mail, so this was a good activity to do while I wait. When it comes in, all I have to do is print out the text and assemble. My goal is to ship the 45 invitations by Saturday. ::fingers crossed::
At the office: I went to my coworker's happy hour after work today. It was at a pool hall. I chatted away with my coworkers and didn't play any pool. I even drank beer (Bud Light), which is quite the rarity. I would have gotten a mixed drink, but I already spent some fun money today on some FroYo. I needed it after the vet appointment to make me feel better. Hello, emotional eating. Anyway, it's going to be weird to not have him at the office. Now my department is me, my boss and my boss's boss. Talk about itty bitty.


Jen W. said...

Poor RJ! He does not look impressed! Hope he's feeling better soon - cat flu sucks. And so do e-collars. Atticus (my big guy - 95lbs) had one and I ended up with bruised shins from him constantly clobbering me with it! LOL!

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