Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dental Peace of Mind

I paid the dentist an emergency visit today. I know, ugh. I've never had to do an emergency appointment before so that's how much the situation was freaking me out. Did I have a cavity? Is there something wrong with my filling? Do I need a root canal? How much is this going to cost? My left back molar has been giving me some trouble lately, and I didn't want the problem to linger and get worse so I bit the bullet and called the dentist this morning. The receptionist told me that they had an opening at noon today and she recommended that I take it because the dentist was going to be unavailable later on in the week with the upcoming Jewish holiday. Suh-weet, ok, let's get this over with.

The hygienist took an x-ray of the problem area and the dentist didn't find anything wrong with it. Whew! I told him that I had been clenching my teeth/jaw recently and that was probably the root cause of all this pain. He gave me some MI Paste to rub on the tooth and advised me to be more conscious of the clenching. I hope the M in MI stands for magic because I'm so ready for things to feel normal again.

I sat in the reception room to be checked out. The receptionist asked if I needed another appointment and I told her I didn't. "Oh, then you can leave."

Wait, what? A free visit to the dentist? That's too good to be true. "Wait, don't I have to pay?"

Receptionist- "Oh, I was just going to send the bill to your father." The guy at the desk, filling out some paperwork turned to me and laughed. "How can you pass that up?!"

No no. Being a "grown-up" means that you pay your own bills. Everything has a price, including a peace of mind.

I forgot to get my lunch out of the fridge when I left the office today. Thankfully, there was a Five Guys nearby so I calmed my nerves with a burger and fries. I hope I canceled some of that out by going to spin class tonight (Janice played Black Eyed Peas AND Lady Gaga for me!).

You know that saying "When it rains, it pours"? Well, after I got home from the dental appointment, I was starting to feel some cold symptoms coming on. I hope they'll be gone by the morning because I have meetings tomorrow!


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