Thursday, September 22, 2011


At the office: So, the light that's under the cabinet on my work desk has been out ever since I've been sitting there (since March?). I finally gave in and called the office manager to see if she could get someone to fix it because I just need a little light in my office, not the blazing fluorescent lights overhead. The guy came over to investigate. "Well, did you try plugging it in?" UGH! I felt like SUCH an idiot. Like one of those people that you hear stories about and laugh at them because how silly they are, but now I've turned into one of those people. Sigh. The cord wouldn't reach to the outlet so he had to find an extension cord, but all's well here now.

RJ: The Kitty went to the vet today for his dental cleaning. During his previous appointment, the vet was concerned about his gingivitis so I figured we'd get that addressed sooner rather than later. The poor guy was so excited when the alarm went off this morning, only to be disappointed that he would not get breakfast this morning because of the surgery. He inhaled his dinner tonight, as if he's been starved for weeks. I went to Petsmart this evening to get his food, and I bought him a new toy called a Twitchy Tail, which is basically a fishing pole with feathers and a furry boa thing at the end. RJ loves it and I'm glad I was able to find an alternative to mice. It's good to have choices and have an outlet for all that energy he seems to have.

The vet tech complimented me on my nails when I went to pick RJ up :)


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