Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Not-So-Smooth Saturday

Ugh, so much drama today. My morning didn't start off the way I was hoping with going to an hour spin class. I got to the gym only to find a sign posted, saying that there would be no 9:30 AM super spin class due to the holiday weekend. I should have checked the holiday schedule before I left the house. So, instead of getting my workout in before going to a rummage sale, I went for a 5-mile run before dinnertime (59:41, 11:56 min/mile pace). I had to walk some of it because my legs felt like lead. Of course, I'm not really happy with the time, but at least I got a workout in.

Anyway, back to the rummage sale. It was at a local church near my parents' house. There weren't that many things there that were of interest to me, i.e. clothes, toys, books, but while I was in the kitchen section, I found 2 crock pots, a mini one and a regular sized one. The mini one was only $3, but I figured since the bigger one was $10, it was a better deal for when I need to cook things in bulk to last me the work week. This find was timed perfectly because I need to go to the grocery store tomorrow, and chicken is on sale, as well as other items that would go in a chicken stew. I can't wait to try out my "new" kitchen appliance!

I made the mistake of taking the e-collar off of RJ this afternoon, thinking that everything was healed up. I took my eyes off him for a second and he went back to licking where he should not have been licking. All the healing that had happened over the last few days flew out the window. I wanted to tear my hair out, RAWR! Between the sneezing and the healing that needs to happen at the neutering site, I'm going to be one happy cat mama when all of this is resolved!

I'm so thankful for the long weekend. I have two more days to make up for all the minor craziness that happened today.


June K. said...

Hope your remaining two days of the weekend go much better for you. Have a good one.

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