Sunday, September 4, 2011


What a difference a day makes! For reals. I woke up early to give RJ his medication and then headed out to the grocery store by 7:45. My list was longer than usual, and I wanted to beat the post-church crowd and lines. I bought quite a bunch of things that would last me a while, so I'm hoping I won't have to go to the grocery store for a long time. I went with the intention of finding things to make with my "new" crock pot: chicken, canned veggies, fresh veggies, and seasonings. When I got home, I tried made my first dish in the "new" crockpot: Crock Pot “Kitchen Sink” Chicken Stew. I had never used a crock pot before so I was a little skeptical about tossing in raw meat in with everything else, but miraculously everything cooked and tasted awesome. Julie came by this afternoon to make brownies (I moved all the baking stuff from my parents' house to mine because they don't bake there very often anymore) and was around to try some of the stew. It was sister-approved. :)

I wonder if RJ ever misses being outside. The animal shelter identified him as a stray, and I signed papers saying that he'd be an indoor cat, so he'll never step foot outside again. I keep the door open sometimes so that he can soak up the sun.


Jen W. said...

Glad today was a better day. :) The stew sounds yummy and RJ looks very content observing the outside from the safety of the house!

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