Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Solemn Sunday

9|11| Never forget. I hope everyone, whether living in the USA or abroad, took a little time out of their day today to remember what was lost on this day 10 years ago and what sacrifices were made and continue to be made because of that day.

Yard sale finds:
I told myself that I couldn't check out a nearby yard sale until I went to the Sunday morning 1-hour spin class. So, I went. That's 3 1-hour classes in a row...I'm feeling pretty strong :) After class, I took my sweaty stinky self to a moving sale near my place, and I found a lot of goodies. None of them crafty, but things that I was looking for. I got 3 stackable storage containers for my craft room ($5 each), a small table ($5), and 2 large Pyrex mixing bowls ($1 each). Without the deal, all of this would have cost $22, but the lady was nice and let me take it all for $15.

I added a picture of RJ on his couch. This is a common scene when walking downstairs. I guess he's just more comfy on his back.


Jen W. said...

That pic of RJ is hilarious! He is the most lad back cat I've ever seen. :)

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