Saturday, May 12, 2012

Busy Bee Saturday

March of Dimes walk: To support one of my co-workers and her family, a group of us at work decided to fundraise for the March of Dimes and do the 3-mile walk today at Nationals Park/ Navy Yard. I had never been there before (I'm not a baseball person), so this was a good experience to share with my co-workers. The weather was super nice for walking. It started out a little cool, but then got warmer just in time for us to finish the walk. Some of my co-workers brought their babies and of course, they were super cute. This is us towards the end of the walk where we can pass home plate and see ourselves on the jumbotron.

Housewarming party: I did some errands after the walk and then came home to take a nap. After my 2 hour nap, I was off to my next event which was another co-worker's housewarming party. We bought our places last year around the same time, but while my place was in move-in condition and I didn't want to change anything, he spent the past year renovating things around the house with his girlfriend. I could only stay for a little bit because Meg and Robyn were coming over.

The Avengers with Meg and Robyn: OMG. I've seen many superhero movies, and this one was by far my FAVORITE! I had seen the movies with the individual heroes (Thor, Iron Man, Captain America...), and it was cool to see how they worked together as a team (or didn't). The special effects were already awesome in the 2D version. I can't imagine watching it in IMAX with all the flying that happens. With the Batman and Spider-Man movies coming up in July, this will be a superhero-filled summer. After the movie, we went to the nearby Mexican place, Meg got FrozenYo for dessert and we went all went back to my place to hang out. We ended up chatting and watching The Notebook which was playing on TV.


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