Friday, May 11, 2012

Hi, Bye, Denver

I've been in Denver the last couple of days to staff a workshop, but flew back home today. Unlike my previous trip to Denver, I didn't really do any fun things this time. Notable events:
  • The guy sitting in front of me on the plane ride there put his seat WAY back. Dude, not cool. However, I will pick my battles and try my best to ignore you by sleeping the whole way.
  • Some of the workshop materials were not in the box that was mailed to the hotel. Ok, do not panic. Well, no. Set aside 10 minutes in the beginning for panicking and then figure out a way to make this work. Fortunately, I didn't have to deal with that on my own. Another coworker and I figured it out.
  • After the participants left the workshop, the staff sat down in the hotel bar to get some drinks. The waitress comes by with our drinks. I took a sip of my margarita, and then I hear "Can I see your ID?" Of course, everyone laughs. Um, sure, but aren't you kinda late? I already took a sip of it.
  • I saw prairie dogs out in the wild. Like not in a zoo.
  • Have you been to a Bass Pro Shop before? I hadn't until last night. There really isn't a need for that kind of stuff in the Maryland suburbs. Anyway, they had some cool stuff there. My favorite was the waterfall and the fish tank.
  • I went to Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill last night with a friend that was in the workshop (she was staying an extra night because we couldn't find flights out that same day). The food wasn't that impressive and the lighting was really dark. My friend tried their fried Twinkies. I passed on those.

My orchid is doing really well. Mom's really jealous because hers aren't, and she's got the family green thumb.

I had a crafty order from waiting for me when I got home. I got some Colorbox chalk ink reinkers (Blackbird, Chestnut Roan), chalk ink pads (Pumpkin Spice, Dark Peony, Yellow Citrus), Some October Afternoon letter stickers, and some Hero Arts clear sentiment stamps and word block stamps.


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