Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Hooray, Election Day!  I participated in early voting on Friday, so it was business as usual for me.  We have an office fall festival tomorrow, where there will be two components: a chili cook-off and a bake-off.  I'm not huge on chili, but I am BIG on baking.  My contribution to the cause is pumpkin chocolate chip pound cake, which I made while waiting for the election results to come in.  This is the first time I made this recipe in my place and not at my parents' place.  The oven was a little finiky, where one loaf seemed to finish before the other.  What gives?!  Oh well, easily fixed.  I saved one loaf for myself and will probably save some to share with my family later on today.

While I was making a mess in the kitchen, there was a crash and what sounded like a stampede upstairs.  I looked into the living room and noticed that the lamp was knocked over and RJ made a swift exit upstairs.  Stealthy, he is not.  I went over to see if I could fix it...and I couldn't.  My yard sale assigment this weekend is to find a new lamp for the living room. :(


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