Saturday, November 10, 2012

Good Yard Sale Day

Today was definitely a good yard sale day.  RJ knocked over my table lamp in the living room on Tuesday, so my assignment for myself was to find a replacement because otherwise my living room is a little dark.  I scored on the first moving sale that I went to.  I asked the lady how much the lamp was.  She said $10.  Meh, ok.  I walked around to see if there were other interesting things they were offering.  I found an opened variety pack of picture hangers (this will come in handy for the artwork that I purchased last month) and 2 rolls of white-out tape.  I asked the lady if she'd let me take all those items for $10 and she said yes.  Mission accomplished.

My next stop was to a yard sale where I got a lot of Christmas gifts for my friends.  The husband does a lot of jewelry sales and I guess he wanted to sell some of his inventory.  There was a sign that said 50% off the wholesale price, whoo hoo!  I got 6 necklaces and 3 pairs of fun socks for $20 total.  I was mentally dancing down the street back to my car.  One of the necklaces (the white one in the picture) broke in the car, but upon further inspection, I noticed that it was only 1 strand.  I can still wear the other two, no biggie.

My final stop was to an estate sale.  I picked out a pretty multi-colored pearl necklace (it's in the picture to the left) and 2 ornaments.  I planned to give my friend Meg the Woodstock (as in the Peanuts comic strip) ornament, but when the lady gave me my stuff after I paid, Woodstock feel and broke.  Everyone behind me in line gasped and "awww"ed sympathetically.  Sigh.  Oh well, it was still a pretty good day. :)


June K said...

Tina, I thought of you this morning as I was driving to a craft fair. Usually I see many signs for garage/yard sales posted along the streets. In fact I drive down a major residential street so there are usually garage sales somewhere along the way, too. Nothing today. You hauled in a lot of great stuff today.

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