Saturday, November 3, 2012

Million Muppet March and Robyn's Birthday Celebration

Million Muppet March: This morning, Robyn and I participated in the Million Muppet March, in support of public broadcasting.  I wasn't sure how this event would be received, but there were far more people attending this march than I expected!  People were dressed up as Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Grover, etc.  Others brought their own puppets; my favorite ones were the Secret Service/FBI ones in the picture below.  I definitely got my exercise in for the day with all the walking we did!

Robyn's birthday celebration: After the March, we grabbed McDonald's and hung out at Robyn's place to wait for Meg and Jules to show up and then we headed to the Glynn Jones Salon for manicures.  If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you'll know that I do my nails very often myself, averaging about once a week because I a) I like the variety and b) I would rather spend money on something else.  Meg told me that her mom asked her, "How often does Tina get her nails done?"  She must have seen my frequent picture posts of my Konad stamping adventures, ha ha.  Anyway,  this was for Robyn's birthday so I figured I could splurge.  The 4 of us got something called a Shellac manicure and I'm supposed to get 2-3 weeks out of this.  I was amazed how durable this manicure has been so far.  No chips or smudges at all.  I'll have to continue to take pictures of it every couple of days to document its wear (hello, skeptic here).  Meg and Robyn both got French Shellac manicures and Jules got a nude color.  I went for color (shocker, I know)...this shade is called Hotski for Tchotchke.   At the end of the manicure, the lady asked me if I had a cat.  I was waiting for her to say something about and refer to the scratches on my forearms that RJ left.  :P

After the nails, we walked a few blocks to The Wharf for dinner.  Robyn conveniently had a $20 off $80 coupon.  The food was amazing!  There were so many things that I wanted to eat!  Meg got the scallops and I got the crab cake and we split the plates between us.  Jules and Robyn did the same thing except with scallops and salmon.  The restaurant gave us a slice of cheesecake and candle for Robyn to make a wish and blow out. Yay!


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