Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me, Part 1

On Friday, I headed to Charlottesville, VA to visit my sister.  Since our birthdays are close together and she wasn't going to be at home for her birthday, I decided to make the drive down there to celebrate with her and also help her start moving stuff back home.

Julie made some red velvet cupcakes for me, complete with some cream cheese frosting.  Good stuff.  Once I had a sampling, it was off to lunch, where we went to Mellow Mushroom.  I got a small house special pizza.  Look at all the toppings!  I could only eat 1.5 slices and had to pack the rest up. 
For dinner tonight, we got carry out from Milan (an Indian restaurant): butter chicken and chick peas and naan.  This was pretty much a repeat from last year's visit to Charlottesville.  Because I forgot to bring movies and the local Redbox didn't have anything interesting, we spent this evening organizing and figuring out what items would come back to Maryland with me.  Yeah, a wild and crazy Saturday night for us!


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