Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jessie's Baby Shower

Jessie (a friend from graduate school) and her husband Joel are expecting a bundle of joy in April.  They will not find out what they are having until the baby arrives, so yay, surprises!  Last week I purchased a blanket, bib, and burp cloths for them as a gift.  The baby shower was really fun.  I got to meet Jessie's family and Joel, people that I've heard so much about but never met in person.  Her mom finally met her daughter's "chinita" (Asian) friend, ha ha.

The food was amazing: tamales, some sort of marinated pork, rice, chips/salsa, etc.  The cake was even better.  It had a very tres leches feel to it, with cream filling that had fruit inside.  OMG, best thing ever!

Jessie and Joel had some games for people to play, but since there were like 100 people there, not everyone got to play.  Everyone was entertained though.  There was one game where there were two babies and then 2 people per baby and each person could only use one hand to change the doll's diaper.  There was a women vs. men pairing and the men actually won (see the struggle below).

There was a heap of presents for the happy couple.  I would have loved to see what she got and see the excitement on her face, but it would have probably taken the whole time to open all these.
The happy couple...
I was so happy to see a familiar face at the event yesterday.  Jenny, another friend from graduate school, was there so it was nice to chat and catch up.


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