Thursday, April 21, 2011

At the Office Goals, Part 2

Well, today didn't get off on the right foot (woke up late, left the house late, got to work late) but it got better as the day went on.

a. Got an Etsy sale this morning. #561. I'm creeping up to #600, yay!

b. Attended a really good presentation on public speaking at work. This was a very timely event because I talked to the Executive Director this past Monday about starting a speech club at the office. The idea would be to give staff an opportunity to practice their public speaking, while sharing what they've been working on either at the office or in their personal lives. The ED brought that up at the end of the presentation today and a part of me was like "Uhhh, that was MY idea." Then he asked the group "who thinks this is a good idea?" Of course, I raised my hand. "Of course you think it's a good idea, Tina. This was your idea in the first place." Oh, good. He remembered.

c. My other pet project at the office is starting to get some support too...the idea of having the junior staff getting together once a month to talk about stuff we're working on. The senior staff have a similar monthly meeting, but we need that type of venue to trickle down to my level. If I can get this group and the public speaking club running by the summer and have it catch on, I will be very happy.

d. Ended my work week with a 4.85 mile run around the neighborhood. I decided to give myself the day off of work...I need to recharge and make a conscious effect to step away from my work email. By the way, catcalling a runner while you're riding in a beatup minivan isn't really sexy, mkay? Dumb boys.

e. Painted my nails tonight. China Glaze: Little Drummer Boy, which is a dark dark blue.


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