Sunday, April 10, 2011


Since Mom's been away, Ginger the cat's been hanging out with me a lot lately. It's nice to feel wanted. I wonder how the dynamic will change once Mom gets back in a few weeks. I'll probably be demoted back to #2. She's been more touchy-feely too. She's been trying this new thing where if she REALLY wants my attention, she'll stand at the end of the bed and get up on her hind legs so she can reach to touch my back with her paw while I'm sitting at my computer. It's kinda cute, but creepy if I'm not expecting it.

I was so happy to be able to go to spin class this morning, since I missed out on TH and SAT classes. I even went for a 3.8 mile run this evening because "hair being a pain to wash is a poor excuse" to not go for a run, says my sister. It was nice to be finally outside instead of cooped up inside for the last 2.5 days. Two-a-day, woot!

I made some shepherd's pie this afternoon since ground beef and potatoes were on sale this week. Yum!


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