Thursday, April 19, 2012

Generosity Pays Off

On Tuesday night, I got a mass email from a co-worker (Ben) who had an extra ticket to a TH night concert at the Kennedy Center. The show was titled "National Symphony Orchestra: Andrew Litton, conductor / Stephen Hough, piano, plays Rachmaninoff." Hmm, this concert would be happening at the same time as the TH night spin class. Decisions, decisions. I went to bed that night still on the fence.

On Wednesday at work, I IMed my friend to see if the ticket was still available. It was, hooray! While I'm not a huge classical music buff (I played piano when I was growing up), I thought it'd be a good experience. The event would also get me out of the house and be social. Who wants a good ticket like that to go to waste, right? I had a good time and felt cultured/enriched afterwards.

In reference to the title of the blog post, I think it's important to be generous (i.e. leave a container of cookies or box of free cards in the office kitchen) and, eventually, people will be generous back. Everybody wins.


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