Monday, July 9, 2012

Case of the Mondays

I went to the office this morning only to find that the elevators in the building were broken. I had two options. Either I could go back to the main building and camp out in an empty office or I could suck it up and climb the stairs up to the 7th floor where my office is. I decided to go with option #2. How hard can it be, right? I do a lot of cardio with all the spin classes that I take. This shouldn't be too bad. WRONG. I felt kinda winded when I got to my office. Two of my co-workers were talking in the hall. I tried not to play it calm and cool, but my breathing gave it away. "Yeah, Tina, we just went through that too."

Fortunately, they called a technician who got them back in working order by the afternoon. Even if he didn't, climbing down the stairs is easier that climbing up them!

Was this supposed to be a surprise fitness test, and I just didn't get the memo???


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