Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy July 4th!

Today started out on a sad note actually. My uncle (Dad's older brother) has been battling cancer for the past few months and the prognosis has not been very good. Since Julie (my sister) was home from school, Dad thought it'd be a good idea all three of us to go over to my uncle's house to cheer him up. Apparently he talks about my sister and I to the hospital folks. On the way there, Dad warned us that my uncle had lost a lot of weight. I kept that in mind, but still, I was not prepared for what I saw...a person who normally has a lot of energy and a loud joyful voice be reduced to someone whose body is failing him. Fortunately his mind is still very strong...he even had the energy to do his routine lecture...the importance of having good reading and writing skills and keeping journal. Even in his state, he still pushes us to be our best. I think it was good that we still had the BBQ tonight, just so that Dad could focus on something else for a few hours.

After the trip to my uncle's house, we went to Safeway to get some last minute BBQ stuff and then I took a nap in my old bed at my parents' house. Gotta save up energy for eating, ha ha.

Meg, my uncle and aunt, and several cousins came over to help eat the steaks, pasta salad, and tres leches (my contribution). Hope y'all had a great holiday! :)


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