Friday, July 27, 2012

R.I.P. Uncle, Part 2

Today was the burial service for my uncle that passed away last week. I actually ended up staying over at my parents' house on Thursday night so that it'd make this morning run a lot smoother. We left the house to go to his house to do a moment of silence before taking his remains to his resting spot at the memorial park. I wasn't feeling overly emotional since the news had already sunk in for me and I've accepted the fact that he's gone, but once Dad started talking and his voice was shaky, I started tearing up as well. I teared up for him since he was the one that drove my uncle (his brother) around to doctor's appointments and was there with him every step of the way. Dad continues to handle all the legal stuff since his passing, but I'm sure that this day made everything a lot more real.

The burial service was really nice, and the weather was perfect. The funeral director was super kind and compassionate. I suppose it'd be awful to be in that kind of business and be a mean person. It just wouldn't be a good fit. Dad said a few words again and then the remains were put in the ground. A stack of his favorite books and a flower from each of us went in with him. We later joked that we should have had put his glasses in with him, just in case (humor definitely helps during these sad times). Once the service was over, everyone came back to my parents' house for a sushi lunch.

After lunch, Dad, Julie and I drove around to get some legal stuff taken care of for my uncle and then Julie came back with me to my place to make brownies to bring with us to my cousin's house as snacks to eat during the London 2012 Olympics. My favorite parts of the opening ceremony were the ode to the British literary villains and the Queen/Bond scene at the very beginning. So funny!

By the way, sleeping in my old twin bed, I'm not sure how I managed for so long. Now that I sleep in a full size one, it's tough to go back to something smaller!


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