Monday, July 2, 2012

Stormy Weather!

OMG, the storm that came through here on Friday was terrible. I was at my parents' house when I saw a weather report that a co-worker posted on Facebook. It was in all CAPS, so I had a feeling that it was serious. I zipped home just in time. The storm crashed through about 20 minutes after that, and I lost power. The adventure begins...

I woke up on Saturday, not really thinking much of the storm. I was thinking to myself that I need to run to the ATM and gas station because I was still planning to go hang out with Meg and Robyn Saturday night. I noticed that the main intersection's traffic light was out. I'm still thinking that things weren't really that bad. However, I got to the bank, and a lady was walking away from it. I was about to pull into the parking lot and we made eye contact. She shook her head from side to side and mouthed, "It's closed." Sigh, ok, well, maybe I can gas up my car. So I drove to a nearby gas station. It was closed too because there was no electricity to power it up. Super. I then decided to go to my parents' house to check on them. There was a huge tree branch that hit the sunroom but everything else was okay (see photos below). Some people were not as lucky as I saw many trees down and some even fallen on people's houses and cars. I ended up staying over there on Saturday night because they got their power back on.

On Sunday morning, I went back to my place to check on RJ and throw away some of the food in my refrigerator. The chicken and pork chops in the freezer were no good. I was so sad to throw them away, but I would have been even more upset if I got sick after eating them. Food safety first! I went back to my parents' house afterwards only to come back to a warm house because the power at my parents' house went out in the afternoon. I stuck it out with RJ for a few hours and then headed back out to my uncle's house because he was the only one I knew that had power. It's good to have family nearby! I slept on the air mattress in my living room and woke up around 5:45 AM today. I really needed to take a shower. The heat and the humidity was just nuts. Fortunately, I had some warm water still in the hot water tank. Thank goodness for small blessings.

I went over to my uncle's house after work today for dinner (he and my aunt have been taking care of all us storm refugees) and to charge my phone. I checked the Pepco app on my iPhone around 9 PM and the app said that my zip code was no longer identified as part of the outage area! Hmm, interesting. How reliable is the information though? My cousins and parents went home to check out respective houses, and we found out that we all have power! YAY! We'll still be going back to my uncle's house tomorrow for dinner because none of us has food in the fridge. Ha ha.

RJ was on the lookout for the power company to fix the electricity yesterday...with no luck.


Jen W. said...

Wow, that was some crazy weather you guys had!! Glad you and all your family are okay!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

I thought about you and wondered how you were doing, glad to hear all is well. Storms can be pretty scarry. We just had one last night, no damage here, but there were trees down and flooding south of us in OshKosh.

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