Saturday, December 21, 2013

Shopping and Card-Filled Day

I had some Ulta coupons to use up, so I went over there to see what good deals I could score.  I bought an Urban Decay Dangerous palette on clearance for $16 (original price is $36) and a new curling wand, which was already on sale, but I got an extra $4 off using the coupon.  Not too bad.  I might do some more damage when I'm at the office next Monday.  It's tough to pass up these good holiday deals and coupons.  I'm been really loving my Naked palette and now I understand why all the YouTube makeup gurus rave about this brand.
I went to Marshalls nearby and came out with an ELF brush and 2 packages of Studio Calico wood veneers (hexagon and flags...the flags were on clearance for $1).  I was eying some of their pretty wrapping paper, but I figured I could get it for a lower price after Christmas.

I went by New York and Company, but make a quick exit because there was a little kid having a total meltdown in the store and the mom wasn't doing anything about it.  :\

After coming home from shopping, I got crafty.  Human Resources contacted me this past week, asking me if I could help them by making some cards for Employee Appreciation Week 2014.  Well, of course!  I spent some time making some samples.  I like the top two ones most, but when I showed them to my family earlier tonight, Julie said that she liked the top one most but thought that the embossing looked too girly (and these cards are supposed to be gender neutral).  We'll see how my crafty mojo feels tomorrow.
Julie and I went with my parents to Pacci's Trattoria to celebrate my parents' 32th wedding anniversary.  Julie told me to meet them at the restaurant at 5.  I forgot she had said that and set my nap alarm for 5 PM.  When it went off, I replayed the conversation in my head and I realized that I was going to be late!  Oops.  I threw on some more appropriate clothes and headed out.  Fortunately, the restaurant wasn't too far away from my place.  We had salad, mussels, calamari, calzone, shrimp scampi, gnocci, and finished everything off with limoncello shortcake.  This was my first time going there, but everyone else had said good things about it. Oh, yes.  They were totally right.


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