Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ulta Order and Office Meeting #1

I got my Ulta order tonight and the Groupon order that I bought as a shared present with my sister for my cousin came in a day earlier (that's always nice).  I bit the bullet and bought the Urban Decay Naked palette (the first one) and a Jane black eyeliner.  I'm always on the lookout for a black eyeliner with awesome staying power; my current favorite is Maybelline MasterDrama by Eyestudio in Midnight Master, as recommended by Emily Noel.  This Jane one was recommended by Samantha Schuerman, and since they were running a promotion of 40% off Jane products, I figured it'd be worth a try.  I also got a free makeup bag with lots of samples since my purchase was over $40 (mine was missing 2 of the samples that were in the photo though).  I understand that these items were free, but come on, a part of customer service is following through. said that they were going to also give me some perfume samples, but really, that turned out to be those paper promotional samples that you get in the inserts, not those little bottles.  Lame.  Oh well.  At least they got the stuff that I paid money for correct and nothing was damaged, but I'm going to think twice before buying from them online.  It might be just easier to go to the store instead.
Today is Meeting 1 of 2 this week.  It was our annual Program Review, where each department sits down with the Executive Director and we present on all the things that we are working on and will be working on.  I just wanted to get it over with so I could focus on my in-person committee meeting (full day Thursday, half day Friday).  My boss reminded me "Talk slower."  I will be so glad that meeting is over.  It'll be all downhill between Friday and the New Year.


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