Monday, December 23, 2013

New Office Digs!

Whoa, baby!  The day has arrived!  Teleworking full-time has officially ended, and today was my first day back in the new office.  I kinda had an idea of what to expect, but I was blown away by how nice everything looked.

First, you need to have a key card to even get off on our floor now because there is no lobby door.  The elevator doors open and you're on our floor.  The new mosaic glass tile that surrounded our elevator doors was very pretty.  Some of my coworkers were already there when I got to the office and were unpacking all their belongings from the orange crates.  For reference, here's what my old space looked like.  All the directors get a hard walled office and those were all on the perimeter of the floor.  The rest of us got these cubicles.  I was surprised as to how low the cubicle walls were.  If you don't angle the computer monitors, you'd be looking at your neighbor's face all day long.  That could be a little awkward.

You can definitely hear every conversation going on, so we'll have to learn how to use our inside voices and some of us (not me) will have to learn how to use their headsets so we don't hear conference calls going on all the time.

One new addition to the new space that I could really get used to is our new coffee machine.  Not a Keurig.  It's like a soda machine (big and fancy and tall and silver), but with coffee drinks instead.  I went to visit the Human Resources lady to say hi and chat since I haven't seen her at spin class recently and I told her about the coffee machine.  A few months ago, they gave this machine a test run at the office and everyone was thrilled (and caffeinated).  I tried the cappuccino and thought it was really bitter.  I don't remember it being that bitter before since I had some during the test run.  I then realized after throwing it out and getting the vanilla cappuccino, that's the one that I got before.  The HR lady was like "Coffee machine?  What are you talking about?  Are you talking about a Keurig?" Um, pish, no.  What planet have you been living on?!  How have you not heard of this awesome machine?  "Tina, show me!"  She loves coffee and was mentioning how much money she spends at Starbucks.  I taught her how to use it and she was in complete awe.  "Do I have to pay?"  Nooo, it's free!  "This tastes pretty good for free coffee!"

Yep.  Well said.
Julie came over earlier to supervise me making pumpkin cheesecake for tomorrow night's dinner. We watched a lot of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Wow...that is really some nice office space you have to work in. Oh and free coffee and if really good, that would make my day. I always had to grind the beans special and double the amount of coffee for the boss everyday...he liked it real strong. But I managed to make him the perfect cup every day :) and that was "before" Keurig coffee machines!!! (at least in that office)

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