Thursday, March 20, 2014

Buyer's Remorse

I've been having second thoughts about the glasses that I got recently.  They are a bit thick and kinda remind me of goggles.  I told myself that I would give them a chance and make a final decision on whether or not to exchange them after my trip to California.  Yeah, I'm just not totally in love with them.  If I'm going to be spending money on them, I better be wearing them.  And if I don't love them, I'm not going to wear them.  Which results in a total waste of money.  No good.

This week is Employee Appreciation Week. Because I was in California, I had to miss out on the chair massages (wah...I look forward to that every year!).  But at least I was able to get back in time for the office happy hour.  I wrapped up all the things that I needed to do today and wandered over to Firehouse.  Human Resources was setting up, but at least I could get a drink.  The bartender asked me what I wanted.  "Something pink, fruity and alcoholic."  He gave me a few options and I ended up with a tequila sunrise.  I also ate two of the sliders and some veggies.  Yum!  I was able to get a leftover boxed lunch from a meeting that one of the departments was having.  It pays to hover around the a shark.  :D

After the office happy hour today, I went back to MyEyeDr and talked to them about an exchange. The guy who helped me apparently had a good record with no one coming in for a restyling for the past two months. I broke his streak.  Oops.  Julie is coming with me over the weekend to see which one out of the few frames that I picked would work best.


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