Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Glasses

I got a text message from my eye doctor's office yesterday, telling me that my new glasses were in.  Wow, that was quick!  I was thinking I'd have to wait until I got back from California next week to get them.  I got a bunch of emails sent off in the morning and wandered off to the office to fetch them.  They aren't too different from my old glasses except to say that the black frames are a little thicker and there's a tortoiseshell pattern on the arms.  I found that the glasses were sliding down my face frequently, but fortunately, the guy that helped me in the morning said that I could get the adjusted anytime if I needed to.  I did my two conference calls of the day and wandered back.

A different guy from this morning with a bright pink shirt (I meant to compliment him on his shirt...whoops): "Can I help you?"  Yeah, I need to get my glasses adjusted.  The guy looks around: "Is there anyone here that can help her?  Do we do that around here?"  I must have looked confused and horrified.  "Ha ha, just kidding!  I can help you!"  Whewww.  It took him a couple tries to get my glasses tightened, but we're all set now!  I guess I have a small head?  Ha ha.


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