Friday, March 14, 2014

Etsy Custom Order

Went to the dentist this morning and the hygienist said that I had great dental health.  "Your gums look great!"  :D

At the office: The Executive Director IMed me this afternoon, asking if we could chat.  Now I'm thinking Um, of I in trouble?  It turns out his neighbor is doing a craft show and he thought of me and wanted to see if that was something I'd be interested in.  Whew.  Yikes.

Etsy Custom Order: I got a custom order request from a repeat buyer on Etsy.  She wanted a dress and dog card for her friend.  I emailed her back to see what color dress she wanted.  This was her reply...aww! :)
What do you think? This is the back story: I met Judy in stroke rehab. She lost a child a long time ago. I guess her son would have been about my age. Rachel(her miniature schnauzer) is her family. I like her to know that she is loved. she also really digs Ladybugs. They remind her of her mom(who is also passed). Help!


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