Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Meeting Up with Vanessa

At the office: I had a day-long security training on traveling internationally for work.  Most of my travel is domestic, but my boss thought I could get some valuable information from the training.  More of a just-in-case scenario.  Some of my coworkers and the organization's consultants travel to places like Nigeria, Sudan, etc., places that aren't exactly the safest, so this training was mostly geared towards them.  What did I learn?  Basically don't leave the house.

Just kidding.

But seriously, with all the risks those places pose, it'd be so stressful to me to travel to those places!

Dinner with Vanessa: I stayed at the office a little while because I was going to meet up with my former boss.  She was my boss when I came on board in October 2008, but she found a new job and left in June 2009.  I hadn't seen her in-person in about 2 years so it was nice to catch up with her, especially regarding her new job.  We went to Mandalay, a Burmese restaurant.  The last time I went there was for her good-bye lunch.


Borqna said...

You had an awesome day full of emotions. This is great and you should be happy. When a person gets older, he is no longer the center of attention and life is more relaxed.
Enjoy every moment!

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