Saturday, March 1, 2014

Busy Bee Saturday

Whew, lots to report from today!

Volunteer Activity #1 of 2014: Woke up around 5:30 AM so that Julie and I could go to So Others Might Eat (SOME) to feed the homeless. It was an event that Julie proposed for AMOK.  Julie and I worked in the plate making line- my responsibility was to put 2-3 pancakes on the plate, Julie put syrup on it, the next person put bacon or sausage on the plate and then the last person put a scoop of applesauce.  As people came through the line, they got a plate and sat down to eat.  After two rounds of making plates, we stayed to round up all the chairs so that the floors could be mopped and then put the chairs back when the floor was dry.  We fed a total of 258 people today!  It felt good to help someone first thing in the morning!  I'd totally do it again.  I got this pancake job down.

One funny thing that happened was that a huge vat of liquid was put in front of Julie.  There was some butter on the top.  I thought to myself, "We're putting a laddleful of butter onto the pancakes?"  The cook came by later to stir up the vat and we realized it was really syrup.

The volunteer coordinator at SOME gave us some encouragement at the end of our session and basically told us the importance of helping others.  It made me think of the girl that I gave the $24 over a week ago.  I had texted and called her and left a message last Monday.  No reply to either.  I called her last Friday but her voice mail box was full.  Ok, you know what?  You can keep the money.  It's not worth it to me to keep stewing about why you haven't paid me back.

Nathan's Birthday Party: My coworker Aline invited me to her son's birthday party.  Nathan just turned 2.  It doesn't feel that long ago that I went to her baby shower!  I went to Petsmart, Shoppers and Target before heading to her place.  I didn't find anything that I liked at Target so I figured I'd go early (I mentioned to her that I could help set up).  I noticed that there was someone approaching her apartment too.  Oh perfect.  Hopefully I know this person and this won't be awkward.  "Hi, are you here for Aline's party?"  The girl turned around and it was another coworker (Sylvia)!  "Hiii!!"

Aline was running errands so I helped Sylvia get stuff from her car.  Soon after, another coworker Reggie arrived.  Umm, where's Nathan?  Nathan turned out to be at his uncle's house sleeping.  Guests started to arrive.  Aline sent Reggie to get Nathan and I went along as the navigator.  Navigating was tough because the street address that Aline gave me was 101, but after driving around and calling the uncle, we realized that the street address was really 1001.  Yikes.  Oh well,  Nathan can be fashionably late to his own party.  He was so excited to see all the balloons and friends at his place.

I hung out with my coworkers for a little bit and then it was time to go home to celebrate my own birthday.  :D
Birthday Celebration with Friends: My birthday celebration with friends was postponed from last week because Meg was sick and Robyn just got back from vacation.  I placed an order at Pacci's earlier in the day.  The place is a little small and they don't take reservations.  The take out was more convenient because then we could eat at our leisure and talk/laugh as much as we wanted.  Julie picked up some tiramisu for dessert, yum!  Robyn got me some Philosophy stuff (smells so good!) and Meg got me a puzzle (great timing since we have some wintery weather coming on Monday that will probably shut down the federal government, which means no work for me...), a red glitter nail polish, and a bag of Swedish fish, which I cracked open immediately to share because it's too much for one person.
Julie fell asleep on the couch while Meg, Robyn and I were talking.  RJ kept her company.  It was a long day!

Next up, Meg's birthday celebration next Saturday!
Song of the last few days: "Talk Dirty To Me"- Jason Derulo.  I don't particularly care for the lyrics, but the beat is catchy.


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So cool you were able to help out with feeding the homeless. That cupcake puzzle is making me crave some sweets.

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