Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jessie's Birthday

Whoo hoo, hooray for a day off!

I made sure to make the most of the free time. I made it to the post office, ATM, gas station, and Target for Meg's birthday present.  While I was circling around the parking lot for a spot, I saw two people walking that looked familiar.  *beep beep*  It was Mom and my aunt.  "You're not at work today?"  NOPE, bah ha ha.

I came home to watch some YouTube and RJ came to cuddle with me.  I also printed off my taxes so I could cross that off the mental to-do list.  I'm getting money back, whoo hoo!
I went over to my parents' house to celebrate my cousin Jessie's birthday.  Mom baked a blueberry cheesecake that we all enjoyed.  There were leftovers so we could prolong the yumminess. :D


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