Friday, July 25, 2014

Empties #4

Whoo hoo. More stuff that I can toss out!  The only thing that I really liked from this bunch are the makeup remover, which I already repurchased (in a bigger bottle, in fact!).  I'm tired of the Dove body wash since it's one that I've used many times in the past.  The face wash was meh and smelled kinda weird, so I won't be repurchasing that.  Also, I don't think the plastic exfoliater beads are good for the environment so that's another reason I will not be repurchasing it.  The face moisturizer have been staples in skin care routine and I'm ready to try something new.  The toothpaste did whiten my teeth, but it was a very gradual/subtle thing.  I have another tube of it that I just started working through, but after that I'm probably going to try something new.


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