Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Price of Peace of Mind

I don't know what's been up with my eyes lately, but after a full day at the office in front of a computer, they start to feel sore and get red. I purchased some Visine, thinking that it would help, but then I started to wonder if something else was wrong. I scheduled an appointment with an eye doctor and after a 10 minute appointment, he told me that there wasn't anything going on with my eyes except to say that they are somewhat dry and to get some artificial tears to use when necessary. Oh, whew, ok. No biggie. When I went to pay for my visit, the guy was like "Ok, it'll be $50." Fifteen?? "No, $50." Ugh, I guess that's the price of peace of mind.


June K said...

I'm glad you got it checked out (even at $50). Eyes is nothing to mess with. Yes, price of peace of mind.

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