Saturday, July 19, 2014

Target Haul

I didn't see any good yard sale listings today, so I went to Target instead. Of course, I hit the clearance shelf in the beauty section. I have been on the hunt for the NYX butter glosses on clearance that other people have posted sitings about. I found a basket of them with a bunch of nail polishes. Clearly, it was my lucky day. I took a picture of the basket and Julie thought I bought everything that was in the picture on the left. No no, that's what I had to pick from. Geeze, I'm not that nuts! I came home with 4 lip glosses (I justified this because I had thrown away some Estee Launder free gift with purchase lipsticks that I got from my aunt years ago. They were just not good colors for me), a set of headbands (clearance + 10% off Cartwheel app) and some face wash that was on sale. Not a bad haul! I'm proud of myself for not buying any of the nail polish.
I bought these two bags of popcorn at Safeway on my way home from my parents' house last night. I had heard from folks on YouTube raving about it. Now I know why. I feel less guilty about eating a whole bag since there don't have as many calories as chips do. The caramel/cheddar bag didn't last long. I brought the other bag to my parents' house when I went over today to eat dinner. I decided to give my curling iron a whirl this morning. I need to break it out more...I think once during the work week would be a good goal. I didn't buy it for it to sit in a drawer after all! When I went to check the mail today, I saw a notice from the police. UGH, I got zapped by one of the speed cameras on July 4, coming home from volunteering at the race. Rats! Gotta go cough up $40 now. My bad. :(


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Love to see things you get on clearance. Hair looks nice. Bummers on the $40!!! I think I need to through a lot of old make up out...I am sure it goes rancid after awhile.

June K said...

My husband loves those popcorns. They are yummy. They don't last long enough with him around so I seldom get to eat them. $40 speeding ticket???? OMG, you should be glad you live where you live. Speeding tickets in our city is in the hundreds. A parking ticket my husband got for expired meter a couple years ago was $52 - not sure what it is now. Maybe I should live where you live. :)

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