Thursday, July 17, 2014

RJ Goes to the Vet (Again)

A few weeks ago, RJ went to the vet for a regular check up.  The vet told me that he had some tarter and recommended that he come back for a dental appointment.  They also gave me an estimate for how much the appointment might be and a $100 coupon if I made the appointment within 6 weeks.

I bit the bullet and made his dental appointment for today.  Because he was fasting, he didn't get any breakfast, so I was already feeling guilty about that.  Then I felt more guilty because he wailed all the way to the vet's office.  Sigh, sorry, boo boo.

Around 4 PM, I got a call at the office and the vet said that his appointment was straightforward and no extractions were needed.  What a relief!  I zipped over to the office to pick him up.  He had a hot pink bandage around his arm where the IV was put in.  I was instructed to take off the bandage 30 minutes after we got home.

We get in the car and if RJ could talk, he would be saying "Aw, hell no.  This is coming off now!" and he starts using his teeth to rip it off his arm. Since the car was running, all I could do was say "Nonono, stop.  Stopppp.  RJ!" all the way home.  Oh well.  At least he wasn't actively bleeding.


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