Monday, May 30, 2011

Home Hunting Update + St. Simons Island Vacation Recap

Hello out there! Yep, I made it back from vacation safely. A beach trip with friends was just what I needed. I'll get to the recap and pictures in a little bit, but I wanted to update y'all on the offer that I put on the townhouse last week. When Robyn and I were driving across the bridge to St. Simons Island (Meg hopped into the car with Page so she wouldn't have to drive by herself), the real estate agent called to let me know that the seller accepted the offer! YAY! Next stop: a home inspection. I thought the timing of the call with the bridge was very know, like crossing over to a new life and all that jazz. Perhaps I'll be able to meet the "leaving the nest" New Year's Resolution after all.

The four of us stayed at Page's family's condo, and the place was so nice. Everyone got their own bed, and the property had easy access to the pool and the beach. The weather was sunny the whole time.

The vacation pretty much consisted of going to the beach/pool, watching movies and eating...a lot.

Food report: There was a lot of chocolate (we consumed 4 bags of M&Ms: peanut butter, pretzel, almond, and peanut), cookies (oh, Oreos, how I've missed you), and seafood consumed these past few days. During 3 out of 4 dinners, I had some sort of crab cake. Errr...calories don't count on vacation, right?

Movie report: We gave the local Red Box a workout during this trip. We watched The Green Hornet (fell asleep during it), The King's Speech (hadn't seen it before, good movie), Tangled (saw it in the theater, loved it), and Despicable Me (saw it on the airplane before, meh) on DVD. We also ventured to the movie theater yesterday and saw Thor, which was pretty good.

Book report: While I was at the beach, I read and finished the book Commencement. It was one of the books that I bought for $1 at a used book sale. I thought it was funny how the book paralleled the beach trip in that the book was about 4 friends that met in college and the four of us (Robyn, Page, Meg, and me) become friends in college as well. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it, even though I skipped over some sections because they made me feel uncomfortable.

Funny story from the trip: Meg (and Robyn?) brought two shells back to the condo after a trip to the beach. We thought that they were uninhabited, but were seriously mistaken when we saw the shells crawling away a few hours later. Screaming ensued. Crabs were returned to the ocean.

Here are some pictures from the trip.
Off to unpack, get some laundry done, and accept the fact that I will have to go to the office tomorrow instead of soaking up some sun on the beach. Hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day! :)


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