Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Hampshire, Day 2+3

The meeting yesterday went really smoothly, and I appreciated everyone's willingness to be active participants. All the hard work and preparation ahead of time paid off and I think the leadership was very pleased. Woot!

A group of us went out to dinner last night at the Barley House, and I asked the waitress for a drink that was "pink and fruity," but instead I got "pink and cotton candy-ish." Mmmyeah. The drink was called a French Kiss Martini, and it wasn't exactly what I had asked for, but I finished it anyway because I didn't want to be a pain and order something else since I didn't really give the waitress much to go on. Maybe she thought I meant "pink and pretty" because the drink WAS pretty. Next time, I'll stick with the Singapore Sling, which is what the bartender gave me the last time I asked for something "pink and fruity." For dinner, I asked for the chicken pot pie, which was excellent. And then for dessert, I really wanted the "giant chocolate cake," and oh yes, it was a giant slice. I'm glad that there were 7 other people to share it with me. It pays to be the youngest of the group (by like 20-40 years!) because everyone else wanted to stay away from the desserts towards the end of the meal, I cashed in big time. Nom nom nom.

My trip through security this morning was interesting. I was thinking I'd zip right through since the airport was small, but instead I got "Ma'am, I need to look through your bag." o_0 Huh? Oook, sure. The TSA lady went through my carry on and had to rescan my carry on and then look through it AGAIN. WTH? What's so interesting? It turned out that the suspicious item was the EK Success hole punch that I bought at Marshalls on Tuesday. ::eye roll:: Yes, yes, it's their job. All in the name of national security.

I took a picture of the Concord State House before I left for the airport. Last night, I was informed that "it is the oldest State House in the nation in which the legislature still occupies its original chambers." That's the fun fact for the day. Now to shut down my computer, get something to eat and wait to board the plane. Homeward bound :)


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