Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Hampshire, Day 1

I got an early start to my morning today and was able to get to New Hampshire around lunchtime, rather than the usual before-dinner time. With a few hours to myself, I researched ahead of time what was in the area. (GASP) Good shopping! SUH-WEET! I checked into the hotel and walked around. At the end of my shopping trip, I came back with some crafty items (a stamp set that I had seen on YouTube scrapbooking haul videos, fabric, and a paper punch) and 2 pre-viewed DVDs (Iron Man 2 and Toy Story 3). It's been a productive trip so far and I haven't even been to my meeting yet! I also wandered into a local scrapbooking store, but the selection was very limited and I ended up not buying anything from there.

I met up with my colleagues for dinner and we went to this fabulous seafood restaurant called Newick's Lobster House. Gee, I wonder what they serve there, ha ha. The selection of food was amazing. I wish I had more than one stomach so that I could eat everything! I ended up getting a green salad and something called a bay scallop pie, which was basically scallops with a cracker topping. Yum! I was very tempted to get the clam chowder, but I'm glad that I didn't because the small portion turned out to be larger than anyone else had anticipated.

Long day ahead, but I'm ready for it!


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