Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kansas, Day 3

A colleague, my boss and I were able to sleep in today since the airport was close by. I got a text for my sister, informing me that my cousin had brought over some cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes this morning. I had made a big stink about Mom eating half of my red velvet cupcake from Baked & Wired over the weekend. My cousin must have heard about it. Nom nom nom. I pretty much slept the whole flight home...yay. I was a little worried about feeling restless because I was sitting in a row with a family that included a toddler. Fortunately, I zonked out so I didn't hear anything.

I forgot to mention this my breakout group, the facilitator asked us all to introduce ourselves and say a fun fact (my fun fact was about my card making hobby), but some of the other people had cooler things to share. Within our group, we had...
  • A quilter
  • A older lady that did triathlons
  • A veterinarian that spayed and neutered animals during his free time
  • A genealogist
  • A fly fisherwoman
Kinda cool, right? I wanted to talk to all of them at lunch and ask them a bunch of questions because I was so curious, but I ended up sitting next to one of my contacts who was talking about how he converted from Southern Baptist to Judaism, which I thought was an interesting switch in religion.

Anyhoo, here's to sleeping in my own bed tonight, even though it's got a cat's worth of cat hair on it and is dramatically smaller than the king sized bed that I slept in last night at the hotel. Here are some pictures from today...cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes and Ginger hanging out in Dad's gym bag.


galoregirl said...

oh my, yummy, those look fab! Lov the cat pic in her dads bag, so cute! take care sister!

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