Saturday, May 21, 2011

Laura's Wedding + Reception

I have to say that driving a newer car is a lot more fun than an older car. I don't get to have that opportunity very often. Dad let me borrow his car today and I felt like I was zooming on the highway. Today, I headed to Baltimore for my friend Laura's wedding (::wave::), which was, of course, totally true Laura style. I parked the car at the hotel where the reception was going to be held and then took a shuttle bus to the church. I actually sat next to the mother of the groom on the bus, but didn't realize it until later on. I finally introduced myself to her when I entered the church. "Hi, I'm Tina (I paused to see if she'd recognize me...and realized that she didn't. I rushed to find some sort of context) ummm, I made some of the thank you cards?" "OHHHHH, hiiii!" Hey, if my claim to fame is the cards that I make, I'm down with that.

After the ceremony, we all headed back to the hotel for the cocktail hour and reception. The hotel was right along the Inner Harbor, so the view was so pretty. The appetizers were amazing: beef wrapped in bacon (who can go wrong with bacon?), cheese + crackers, quesadillas, and my favorite...some sort of crab cake ball. I ate like 3 or 4. Mmmyeah, I have no shame whatsoever. We kept an eye on the server lady that was passing them around and waved her over several times so that we could take another one. I also had an apple martini, yum! For dinner, I picked the chicken platter. I wonder if the chicken was purposely served in the shape of a heart. How appropriate for wedding reception food. By the time the slice of wedding cake arrived at the end of the night, I only took a few bites because I had absolutely no room...yeah, like you thought that was possible!
Random thing that almost happened: there was a lady at the wedding that had on the same dress that I WAS going to wear. How funny would that have been?!

Congratulations, Laura and Nate! The wedding was awesome! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day! :D


Laura said...

thanks Tina!! great post :) so glad you could join us! xo

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