Monday, May 16, 2011

Kansas, Day 1

Whew, I made it. I was a little worried there for a second. The plane was really delayed this morning getting to the gate at DCA and then they were doing maintenance. Oook, well, do whatever you gotta do. I would much rather wait for a plane that works, above anything else. I met my boss and another colleague at the Kansas City airport and we took a rental car to where we needed to be in Kansas.

The drive was very...flat. I saw a sign that said something about "Townhomes...starting at $114K" and I actually laughed out loud in the car. I had to make a comment about it because you could probably buy several Kansas townhouses for the price of 1 in the MD/DC/VA. Sigh. Location, location, location.

Driving around the town that we're staying in was...weird. There were no people around! Many of the shop fronts were closed, so that was kinda a sad sight. Fortunately, the restaurant that we went to was bustling. So much to the extent that they had only 1 menu left, so we had to share. The food's got to be good if there are lots of people inside, right? The restaurant/bar was called the Blind Tiger. That name sounded more appropriate for an Asian restaurant, but they served a lot of BBQ there, much to my surprise. I had the pulled pork plate with fries and veggies on the side. I really liked the BBQ sauce that they had there had a little bit of a kick.
Long day ahead to bed soon.


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