Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Travel Success

The Travel Gods were on my side today because I arrived safely in Nova Scotia, Canada. Woot! During my layover in Philadelphia, while waiting for my boss to arrive from her flight, I sat in a sea of high school girls engrossed in teen magazines, several of which had Justin Bieber on the cover. ::groan:: I did find their conversations amusing though.

We met up with my boss's boss after going through Customs, and the three of us shared a cab to the hotel. I noticed during the ride that the scenery was beautiful! Lots of evergreen trees with a little snow on the ground against a clear blue sky and bright sun. Love it.

After dumping our stuff in our respective rooms, we met at the hotel bar to wait for the other people from our party to get here for a pre-meeting meeting. The bartender asked us what we wanted to drink. I couldn't think of anything specific, so I said the first thing that came to mind.

"Can I have something fruity?"

My supervisors just looked at me. Well, that's what I wanted. I'm not big on wine or beer, but I really do like mixed drinks. The bartender laughed and fixed me a Singapore Sling, which was very yummy.

I have a long day ahead tomorrow, but I'm hoping that I can have some fun before I leave and of course, take some fun pictures!

P.S. I left my fun snacks (Sour Patch Kids and chocolate covered caramels) at home, and I didn't realize that until I was already at the airport. I ended up buying a bag of peanut M&Ms. Oh well, I got my chocolate fix, which allowed me to be a content traveller.


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