Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's Been Fun, Halifax!

As planned, I went to the Museum of Natural History in Halifax this morning, got there right as it was opening. I was excited to see Sue the T-Rex, "the largest, most complete, and best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex ever discovered." I had seen her in New York or something a few years ago. I went to the museum's website last night and was surprised when I saw that the admission fee was only $5.75. Wow, what a deal! And then I realized that it was probably because the museum wasn't as big as other museums I had been to before. Aside from Sue, I liked the wall of ceramic mushrooms and "Francis" the lobster (he was approximately 32 years old!). The building at the bottom is the Old Town Clock; I walked by it on my way to the museum.
I had blocked off a whole morning for the museum, but ended up heading back to the hotel where I saw my boss hanging out in the lobby. I would have walked around the city some more, but it was really windy outside. We walked to the food court and grabbed a bite to eat at Tim Horton's; I guess it's like the Canadian version of Dunkin Donuts. I got a Boston Creme donut and blueberry muffin, which were yummy. I hung out in my hotel room until it was time to head out to the airport. The cab driver gave us his card on Tuesday when we arrived and he was happy that I called him to see if he could take me back to the airport. Apparently, business was slow today. I thought that the gym sign was funny.

The trip back to DC was uneventful, thankfully. It's good to be home :)


Will Write 4 Food said...

The gym sign seems a little contradictory... Co-Ed and for Women... Hmmm, lol.

-Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food

Anonymous said...

I am glad you enjoyed your visit! I hope you get to return to Halifax at some point again soon!

Curator, Marketing and Communications
Museum of Natural History

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