Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dinner Plan: Fail

wah wah wahhhhh. (you know, that sound that they play on TV when there's a let down moment...)

I was going to be Mom's stand-in at Dad's company dinner tonight, but then Dad got out of jury duty late which meant that we'd be too late getting to the dinner tonight so we ended up not going. I even did my nails last night to be a little more glam. Oh well, whaddiya gonna do, right? (The nail polish is OPI's Let Me Entertain You. It's from the Burlesque collection. I think the lighting distorted the color a little's darker in real life.)Earlier today, when I told my boss about the dinner, she responded with something along the lines of, "Maybe you can talk to a cute never know who you'll meet at these things..." Dang, I think she's on to me. Ha ha.

P.S. Did anyone play with the Bunsen burner Google doodle today? Pretty neat, huh? My sister told me about it at the end of today. I would have missed out on the fun if she didn't say anything. Truth be told, I always had my lab partner light the Bunsen burner. The flame kinda freaked me out.

Former chemistry major here. Excuse the nerdiness.


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