Saturday, March 19, 2011

Full Moon

I love my gym. They do such a great job with combining health promotion and community building. When the earthquake happened in Japan last week, I wondered if the gym was going to hold a charity spin class to raise money for the relief effort similar to what they did for the Haitian earthquake last year, and sure enough, when I went to spin class this morning, there was an orange sign on the door announcing the 2-hour charity spin class next Saturday. Yep, I'll be there! As a side note, I'm happy that Janice will be teaching on Sundays now. I'm thinking that enough people gave bad reviews to the original instructor, so they kicked her out.

Tonight, I went out for Mexican food with Meg and Robyn to celebrate Meg's birthday. I got a strawberry daiquiri and a chicken taco salad. Funny things that happened...
  • I complimented Robyn on her nail polish. "Tina, you gave it to me for Christmas..." Oh. Heh.
  • Robyn got Meg a medium size bag of pretzel M&Ms. She must have been thinking on the same wavelength because I got Meg a bag of those too! This was not coordinated beforehand.
  • After a visit to Cake Love to get some cupcakes as dessert, we sat outside on a bench. We chatted and people watched. Some funny dogs walked by. One in particular, a pekingese, made a point to check me out.
Did anyone catch the full moon tonight? It was super bright. I took a picture of it through the sun room. The picture turned out kinda Halloween-y with the tree branches in the frame.

Song of the day: "Till The World Ends"- Britney Spears. This would be a good running song...I need to get it on my mp3 player.


June K. said...

Too funny on the nail polish.... nothing like complimenting on one's own gifts. LOL.

Jen W. said...

Aside from the running inspiration I've gotten from you, I love your joy of food! You're the only other person I know who gets so excited by things like free office lunches and such! Ha! :)
Awesome moon picture. Apparently last night the moon was the closest to the earth it's been since 1992.

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