Sunday, January 24, 2010

Charity Spin Class

Today was a great day! I mean, it's not like one of those days that was great by default just because nothing bad happened. It was genuinely a good day. Let me elaborate...
  • I donated to the Haitian earthquake relief effort by participating in a 2 hour charity spin class at the gym.
  • I survived the 2 hour spin class! I was going pretty strong until about the last 20 minutes where my legs felt like jelly, but I kept on going. There were four instructors total (each one taking about 30 minutes of the class). They picked really motivating and upbeat music to keep us going. The instructor that usually teaches on Tuesday, Janice, remembered to include some Black Eyed Peas for me. Some people had gone to the normal spin class prior to this spinathon. Man, that's hardcore. Go them! There was also a first time spinner who had the bike behind me. Now, THAT'S impressive. I couldn't imagine going 2 hours at my first class. Oh, and cute gym front desk guy was working this morning...extra bonus. :)
  • I woke up to a buyer who bought 7 of my cards on Etsy! Usually, people just buy 1 or 2 items, so this was a much welcomed surprise.
Here's today's card. It's inspired by a stamp that I saw at Michaels a while back. It was a squirrel with something that said "I'm nuts about you." I thought it was cute, but I put the stamp back because I thought I could do something similar on my own. I suppose it could be for Valentine's Day, but I think it'd be suitable for other occasions, i.e. anniversary. Does the origami model look like a squirrel to you?

Song of the day: "Black and Gold"- Sam Sparro...heard this at spin today. I think it's got a good beat.


Sarah said...

love your oragami dresses! i hearted them in etsy.

Malea M and J Designs said...

That card is super duper cute! I love squirrels. :)

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